Holidays Can Be Tough…

VOIP can be a life-saver during the holidays. For many businesses the holiday season is tough. Many employees are taking time off, the hours of operations change, not to mention planning around holiday parties and other festivities. 

Perhaps the greatest challenge during this time is communication. It can be a challenge to communicate and coordinate with others. This is especially true when working with other companies – whose hours, time off, etc. may not line up with your own. And, of course, your customers expect the same great level of service and communication as always!

VOIP Helps Simplify the Holidays

VOIP is one of your biggest assets this time of year. That may come as a surprise if you think of VOIP solely in terms of call routing and desk-phone management. But the benefits of VOIP extend far beyond that.

Here are 4 ways that VOIP makes your life easier during the holidays:

1. VOIP Makes Communication Easy, Even During the Holidays

You don’t have to worry about missing important calls. With VOIP you’re not stuck to your desk-phone. If you have employees or partners who are working remotely, they can easily communicate via computer, laptop, or even cell phone. All they need is an internet connection! And because VOIP provides end-to-end security, you don’t have to worry about security when using VOIP from an unsecured network – such as an airport or coffee shop.

2. Dynamic Scaling is Fast and Easy

Do you bring on more staff, or even open additional locations, during the holiday season? If so, VOIP has you covered! Since VOIP uses your standard internet connection, you don’t need to worry about running costly new phone lines out to new locations!

Desk phones can be leased on a temporary basis and if you have staff who need to take calls, but don’t need all of the functionality and features of a desk phone, they can easily use their computers or mobile devices instead!

3. Voicemail Can Be Accessed Anywhere

Not only does VOIP make it easy to communicate with remote workers, it also makes it easy to get your messages on-the-go. 

If you have a few minutes between flights you can easily check your office messages from your cell phone. You can also have your messages automatically transcribed and delivered to you via email. 

4. Communicating With Customers During the Holidays is a Breeze

VOIP settings are configured through a simple web interface. This makes it easy to use your automated phone systems to communicate with your customers. For example, here are a few things that you can configure quickly and easily:

  • Providing festive, holiday hold music
  • Stating your “holiday business hours”
  • Recording new or temporary voicemail greetings
  • Creating new holiday-focused automated greetings on your main line

Let AvidBit Help You with VOIP This Holidays Season!

At AvidBit, we pride ourselves on taking customer service to the next level. We provide our customers with the “white glove” experience. That means we are with you every step of the way: from setting up your new phones for you, to configuring call routing and voicemail, to post-install follow-ups – we make sure everyone is 100% happy.

Our low, flat-rate pricing includes all VOIP features, so you don’t have to worry about being charged extra to meet any unforeseen needs. You just give us a call, and we get the ball rolling, at absolutely no extra cost!

At AvidBit, we don’t make you sign any lock-in contracts either. All of our customers pay month-to-month. Our customers stay with us because of the level of service we provide, not because of a contract.

Reach out to us at 833-284-3248 to see why AvidBit is the preferred VOIP Provider!