Hosted Voice

Our hosted phone service gives you all the capabilities and features you need and the support you want. We eliminate the headaches and frustrations of your old phone system by providing enterprise support and training at no additional cost.

Need assistance making the switch? We are here to help!

Why Hosted Voice

More Control

Customize your phone system in real time from any device with our web portal. Change call routing, update date time schedules, record menus and greetings, upload hold music, manage users, configure your phones and much more with ease.

More Ways to talk

Communicate with your customers the way that is most convenient.  Use your mobile device, desk phone or web browser to call, video chat, conference, send text messages and fax. Communicating has never been easier.

More Affordable

Our all-inclusive pricing structure and excellent support makes sure you will never receive unexpected charges or have to deal with costly service calls. This makes the AvidBit phone service the most affordable option.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Hosted Voice Plans

What’s all the fuss about?

Learn about our Features

2 Factor Authentication

Keep your account secure with 2 factor authentication through text or our app.

3-way Calling

Easily start a 3 way call from any phone. Even create a conference bridge on the fly!

Advanced Call Flow Routing

Advanced call flow routes with conditionals and functions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Advanced Permissions

Customize permissions for groups and users to allow them access to only the features they need.

Auto Attendant

Create virtual receptionists to handle large call volumes and direct customers to the right destination without any extra work.

Auto Divert

Send customers to somebody who can help automatically when a user is busy or out of the office.

Auto Reject

Reject or send calls to voicemail when in a meeting or out of the office.


Overtake a users call without the need to transfer when the correct permissions have been assigned

Call Analytics

See insights into your business phone activities with advanced searches and filters.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to other internal users or to external devices from the web or from the phone.

Call Logs

See who, when and how calls were answered. See detailed call events for each call.

Call Recordings

Setup call recording rules for a specific device, a specific user, or for the whole organization.

Call Transfer

Transferring a call is simple. Transfer from the phone with speed dials or busy lamp field indicators or transfer a call from the web.

Call Waiting

Take multiple calls at the same time. Calls can come to the phone while you are on another call.

Caller ID

See caller ID information on inbound and outbound calls. Also change the caller ID listing for your numbers from the web.


Chat with users in the web or send chat messages to their inbox.

Collaborate on Calls

Send a call that needs to be followed up on to another user. They can immediately see the call history for that contact.

Collaborate on Faxes

Send faxes to another user so they can have the information for a contact. No need for paper or forwarding emails.

Collaborate on SMS

Send SMS messages to the right department. Getting messages to the right person has always been a struggle. Now its not.

Collaborate on Voicemail

If a voicemail has information for another user, bring them into the conversation and allow them to follow up with the contact.


Add comments to calls, voicemails, faxes, texts, and contacts.

Conditional Routing

Easily trigger conditional routing in a callflow or find me follow me rules from the phone or from the web.

Conference Bridge

Setup conference bridges on the fly or reuse a bridge every time you need it. Everybody gets a conference bridge so no need to wait.

Conference Groups

Group call to users to start a conference bridge on the fly.

Date and Time Routing

Easily route calls based on time of day, holidays, or to the right person on their schedule.

Dial by Name / Extension

Let the caller find the right person to talk. Create directories and route calls directly without a receptionist. 

Direct Inward Dial Numbers

Create a professional appearance with direct numbers to all users in your organization.


Add users to directories and use them in contact books, directories on the phone, or dial by name directories.

Do Not Disturb

Send calls directly to voicemail during meetings or when you are out of the office.


Manage your 911 address for all numbers from the web. Set the emergency number for a device, user or the whole organization.

Fax Detection

Use the same number for calls and faxes. Any number can use fax detection to listen for fax tones and then receive a fax

Fax Encryption

Encrypt faxes before they are sent to your email as a password protected PDF.

Fax to Email

Make faxing easier and more convenient with fax to email delivery and sending a fax by email. 

Find Me / Follow Me

Add devices to ring at the same time or create rules so only the right devices ring at the right time.

Google G-Suite Integration

Sign in with G-Suite and access many integrations with G-Suite data and documents. 


Record greetings easily from the web or any phone. Updating your callers experience is easy.


Place calls on hold from the phone or the web. Calls can be retrieved with the push of a button.

Hold Music

Create custom hold music playlists or play music from an internet radio station. Add announcements to your hold music system.

Hot Desking

Temporarily login to a phone at another desk and start receiving calls immediately. Great for working as a team or in another office.  

Inbound Call Filters

Route calls based on who or where the caller is calling from.  


Setup intercom loud speakers or intercom users phones with speed dials or by calling their extension. 

Line Failover

When a call cannot be completed to a destination, failover to another destination such as a cell phone.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Sign in with Office 365 and access many integrations with all your data you already keep in Office 365. 


Help train employees by listening to their active calls. See whisper and barge for other options.


Join multiple sites together with a unified phone system. Use the same extensions at home, a remote office, or when traveling. 

Multiple Phone Vendors

Take advantage of our open standards based phone system. Use equipment you already own. We support many different vendors.

Number Porting

Keep your same number by porting your current number to AvidBit. We make this process simple and keep you up to date.

Outbound Caller ID Selection

Choose your caller ID information. Set the caller ID to use the main company number or let users display their direct numbers.


Setup loud speakers or a paging system throughout your building. Great for warehouses, medical facilities, or shopping centers.

Parking Lots

Place calls on hold in a parking lot to allow for other users to access the held calls. Get on screen updates for calls waiting to be answered.

Phone Provisioning

Zero touch provisioning makes it easy to make changes on the web and provision them to all devices.


Easily see who is on a call before transferring to their extension. Busy Lamp Field indicators make it easy to see who is available and who is busy.


Direct callers into queues and answer the calls in the order they were received. Get statistics and caller insights on every queue.

Ring Groups

Choose which phones ring and for how long. Create advanced ring policies with many different distribution methods.   

Shared Line Appearance

Allow users to answer calls even when their phone isn’t ringing. See who is calling and determine if the call is important.

Shared Voicemail

Allow multiple users access to the same mailboxes. Never miss a message if one user is out of the office.


Communication via text messages with your customers. Your main business number can now send and receive text messages.


A user can steal a call from another user with the right permissions. Allow an assistant to pickup calls when they are ringing.  

Toll-Free Numbers

Get toll free numbers for your business and use them for calls, faxes, or texts. Add multiple toll free numbers for marketing. 

Unlimited Call Paths

Never get a busy signal. Receive an unlimited number of calls at once. 

Unlimited Extensions

Great for small offices to large corporations. Add and remove users as needed without buying expensive new hardware. 


Communication with video has changed the industry. Make video calls with video enabled phones, with the computer or on a mobile device.


Manage your voicemail and never miss a message with unlimited inboxes per user.

Voicemail to Email

Get voicemails by email. Even when out of the office, never miss a message by listening to a high quality audio attached message.  

Voicemail Transcriptions

Read voicemails instead of trying to listen to them. Voicemails are transcribed using speech to text making them easier to search.

Web Portal

Managing a phone system on the go or from the office has never been easier. Powerful controls are just a click away. 


Make calls from a web browser that supports WebRTC. No need to take a phone on the go.


Help coach a new employee or let somebody know of an important message without the other party hearing your conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked in a contract when I sign up?

No, we do not force you into a long term contact. Our system and support speaks for itself. We believe that our relationship should be based on your satisfaction and not on a long term binding contract. However, we do require a contact if you decide to lease equipment from AvidBit. Even then, we make our contacts short and reasonable.

Can I keep my same business number?

Absolutely, every user can port their number from your current service provider. In our number porting section of our web portal you can submit a new port. Please make sure all information matches your current service providers Customer Detail Record (CDR) to ensure number porting happens as quickly as possible. Porting can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on your current service provider.

Is it reliable

VoIP service relies heavily on the quality of internet service and performance of your network. Our support team can quickly determine if you network if ready for our hosted phone service. If there are any issues our support team is ready to assist in preparing your network for optimal VoIP performance. Our system is geographically distributed all across the United States and has multiple redundancies built into every aspect of our service. Because of these redundancies we can guarantee our service will have minimal downtime and provide true enterprise service level agreements. Our smart call flow routing has the capability of automatically routing a call to another destination such as a cell phone in the event of an internet service disruption. This makes our hosted phone service a very reliable solution.

Can I use this in my call center?

Small call centers have found this product to be very useful, however large call centers with above average call volumes need to sign up for our call center user plans. Please contact our sales team to get the contact center service plans added to your account.

Can I send faxes from my fax machine

Yes, faxes can be sent from your fax machine, email or the web portal. You do not need to keep an analog fax line to be able to send and receive faxes. When a fax is received we can send it to the fax machine, email or you can view it in the web portal.

What device can be used to make and receive calls.

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Premium Support

Every plan includes premium support. This is where we are different. Many providers only include email or ticket support 5 days a week. All of our support is provided by our in house technicians, this is the way we believe support should be.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we offer a free trial and a money back guarantee. We don’t rely on contracts, we rely on having great service and a really great product. Try it out. We are here to help.