Managed IT

Our IT Professionals are ready to help solve your most challenging problems. Whether you need us to provide all of your IT services or you have an IT department or person that needs expert help, we can customize a solution that is fast, reliable, and affordable.


Why Outsource your IT Service

Proactive monitoring

Find problems before they become a major issue or cause downtime. Issues are automatically placed into our workflow so they can be acted on immediately. We can provide a fix long before you ever know there was even an issue.

Less Frustrations

Allowing us to manage your IT services is like hiring an entire IT staff. We are always ready to help. Using our flat rate managed IT service is the most affordable way for a small or medium sized business to get professional IT support. We consult with many large businesses when a large project arises, something breaks or complex problems need to be solved.

More Time

We are fast, we do not want to waste your time or our time. You can work on your business and we can make sure your systems stay up and running properly. Our trained technicians can usually get started immediately on an issue. Spend less time down and more time working.

Onsite and Remote IT support

Troubleshooting hardware and software issues. New hardware and software procurement. Antivirus and malware protection. Proactive workstation monitoring to catch issues before they become serious.

Server Support

We support Windows or Linux server operating systems include a wide range of software solutions including virtualization technology. New server design and procurement.

Managed Network Infrastructure

Manage all routers, switches, firewalls, access points. Advanced network configurations for VPN’s, traffic policies, security standards, web content filtering, VLANs, and much more. We maintain firmware updates and backups of configurations.

Structured Cabling

New and old construction cabling. Ethernet and Fiber network cable, single pair low voltage cable often used in audio, alarm and access control. Equipment rack installations and organization. Cable termination and labeling. Wireless point to point links and more.

Office 365 Email and SPAM filtering

Fully managed Office 365 organization with Email, OneDrive, online and installed Office Applications, and other collaboration tools. SPAM filtering to protect against viruses, malware and unwanted emails. Centralized Microsoft Office license management to add and remove users.

Mobile Device Management

 Centralized management of Android and Apple devices. Deploy applications, WiFi networks, email accounts and device configuration policies. Location Tracking, remote lock, wipe and lost mode, software updates, and device enrollment programs.

Online Backup

Automatic scheduled offsite encrypted cloud backups. File or image based backups to the cloud, local disks or both. Ransomware protection. Keep multiple version histories mitigating accidental changes or deletions. Works on both servers and workstations.

Telecommunications Service

Assist during transition of internet service provider. VoIP, digital or analog phone system service. Onsite installation and phone system implementation. Feature training and one on one consultations.

Advanced Network Implementation

Datacenter implementation and large server clusters. Advanced routing protocols, internet resource consulting (IP Addresses, AS numbers, etc…). Carrier integrations.


Managed IT Service Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to fix my problem?
What can be done remotely?
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Still Not Sure If Managed IT Is Right for You?

We are here to help. Let us know about your goals and pain points and we can recommend the right solution. Contact us to begin saving time and money.