About Us


Here is our story

AvidBit’s parent company was founded in 2009 to help businesses with IT services, networking and custom programming. After partnering with hundreds of companies we discovered that many customers in the industry needed a better telecommunications and technology partner.

So many businesses rely on a single person who is difficult to reach when they need a change on their telecom systems or something stops working. It was challenging to help some customers fix or configure their systems due to restricted proprietary software and / or passwords. 

AvidBit’s vision is different. We set out to create a managed telecom and IT service that is designed for businesses of all sizes. The first thing we noticed is that businesses are not prepared to take on these changes on their own. We have taken our more than 10 years of expertise in networking and IT services and coupled it with a robust communications platform, to make implementing these newest technologies easy and affordable.

Other companies just ship the phones and leave the rest up to you. We know there is much more going on behind the scenes in order to make telecom work properly. 

How are we different?

We understand the pain points that companies face as technology advances and as technology and telecom become more and more vital to your company. AvidBit is committed to helping eliminate these pain points and frustrations for companies and creating a long-term partnership.

Our Vision

AvidBit was founded on the vision that telecom and IT service should be simple, reliable, manageable and mobile. We strive every day to continually reach these goals for every partner company. Our services, combined with our experienced support team, allow companies to take advantage of the latest technologies and have confidence in their technology infrastructure.