At AvidBit, we want everyone to discover how easy these VOIP features make your business communications.

Over the past 11 years, we have spent a lot of time with VOIP service. As a result, we have developed an appreciation for many of its features and would like to share the best of the best with our readers!

Here are some of the most useful VOIP benefits and some service-based advantages we offer.


Communication shouldn’t be a chore. VOIP makes it easy to keep in touch! This includes some of the most popular methods of communication such as:

  • Text messages
  • Voicemail
  • Telephone

When you use VOIP, you can stay connected with any device. This makes it easy to maintain communication even when you travel! No returning to your office to use your “work phone” required.

VOIP also makes fail-over from desktop to mobile seamless! Set up your system to send calls that do not get picked up at your desk to your mobile device. No different numbers needed! Clients use one number and the calls are transferred automatically.

Another element to consider is smooth customer care. Traditional phones require on-site visits from technicians for changes, but VOIP can be changed by you or your service provider without ever meeting in person.

VOIP Features and Customization

Do like customizing your services to fit your needs exactly? VOIP might be a great fit. With VOIP, you get to decide what features you use as well as how you use them. The best part is that you do not have to pay more for the customization! Everything is included with your package.

Cost Savings

VOIP helps you save money. From saving on up-front costs to saving in the long-term month after month, VOIP is an affordable solution. It also makes it easy to work with hardware – or lack of it. On-site equipment is essentially nonexistent, saving on office space as well as budget.

And since there is no phone company to nickel-and-dime customers, you can count on a flat, consistent operating fee.


Do you have a big move planned? Maybe you are planning for increasing numbers of remote workers or simply want to plan for the future. Whatever the reason, customers who want to make moving to new locations easy will love VOIP’s flexibility. Multi-location is another benefit.

There is no need to create separate accounts for each office. With VOIP, you can manage all locations at once. And your at-home workers don’t need to invest in a business line. They can simply take a phone home and connect! They can even use a web browser to stay in touch.

Supporting Your VOIP Features

At AvidBit, we believe that everyone deserves quality service. We have created a reliable support team committed to keeping you connected. There is no need to wait on a phone for hours only to receive disappointing responses! We offer personalized and friendly service.

If you want to learn more about AvidBit and how we help customers create the perfect service for their needs, reach out to us at 833.AVIDBIT (833-284-3248) or send the team an email at