VOIP offers a superior business communications experience. But before investing in a new technology, business leaders want to know the features and benefits over the traditional land-line model. 

In this article we list and describe the top 5 features that business owners are able to benefit from. 

1. Work Anywhere

VOIP takes communication services and makes them more flexible. It does so by encoding audio and routing it over the internet. 

This allows people to work seamlessly wherever they need to from almost any device. All they need is an internet connection. Whether your employees are at home, in the office, on vacation, or are stuck in an airport, keeping in touch is simple.

VOIP also allows you to receive voicemail and faxes via email and will even transcribe voicemails into text. No telephone lines, clunky hardware, or static necessary.

2. Feel Safe with 100% End-to-End VOIP Security

You do not need to worry about your privacy when you use VOIP. The system is completely safe and secure, and all data is encrypted to protect your personal information.

The process is just as secure as using your credit card on a secure website. Your data is completely secure even on public networks! AvidBit offers quality VOIP connections with 100% end-to-end, secure traffic.

3. Service You Need, When You Need It

VOIP is a reliable communication solution that requires no onsite equipment. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go! AvidBit also offers remote support and maintenance, so that you never have to worry about an IT team interrupting office operations. 

We also offer configuration via web portal – there is no need to use proprietary equipment or software to install on local systems.

And since VOIP can be automatically routed to cell phones, you can still receive calls and keep your business running smoothly, even if you lose internet or power.

4. Call Analysis

In addition to the traditional communication solutions VOIP service provides, it also gives customers insight into how their phone habits are impacting their business. It does this with advanced data and reporting. 

How many calls do you miss, and are certain users missing more calls than others? We can help you answer those questions. You can even look at how long customers are waiting on hold and how long it takes to return phone calls.

AvidBit’s VOIP service can even show you abandoned call statistics to help improve customer service.

5. Scale as Needed

Finally, VOIP can be used anywhere and in any number. You can easily add numbers, including in other markets, because the system is not tied to a specific region. Enjoy excellent communication free of landline restrictions.

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VOIP: Reliable Service You Can Count On

VOIP is a great tool to help businesses optimize their communications networks. It helps staff be more productive and makes communication with customers more reliable. It also gives you unique insight into how communication is taking place in your company.

If you are still using a land-line, think about how VOIP can simplify and streamline your communications. If you already have VOIP, then you’re already one step ahead! But think about the fees you’re paying and the service you’re receiving. Are you happy with it?

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